Sept 12 & 13 were busy days at a Rally Trial. I entered Gio & Rags in 4 trials, and Brodie in 2 trials

Gio qualified in all 4 trials, including a top 3 & top 4 score

Rags qualified in all 4 trials including 2 top 4th & top 2 score

Brodie qualified in both trials with a 2nd top score

Coco & Yuri puppies packing their bags

Coco 8 weeks

Puppies are 8 weeks old and getting ready to leave home. Two coming to Canada, 2 staying in the States. New adventures for these puppies

Coco & Yuri puppies 8 weeks old

Clark & Hamilton

Clark (Darryl) & Hamilton going shopping

Helena & Lewis

Helena (Sienna) & Lewis going shopping

Yuri celebrating his 3rd birthday

Yuri 3rd birthday

Yuri also wishes a Happy Birthday to his brothers – Angus, Arthur, Eddie, Fergus, & his sisters – Bella, Ellie, Ellie Mae, Luna & Nebi

Happy 11th Birthday

Bryce 11 yrs


Duncan Gaverau


Rose Clima


Family photo

family together

L – R (youngest to oldest) Yuri, Gio & Brodie, Rags & Griffin